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  Project goes sleeping  
Geschrieben von : Pappi Am 12/12/2012 um 12:00 PM Uhr
Hello dear friends,

Unfortunately we have to inform you today that our project for cost reasons until further notice again put on hold.

For more information you can feel free to send us an e-mail to

Your Team
b.o. Pappi alias PapaHarni
Supporters wanted
Geschrieben von : Pappi Am 09/11/2012 um 11:00 AM Uhr
Dear visitors to our Webpage,

for the reconstruction of our project we are looking for some helpers in the areas of :
  • Translation ( German --> English / English --> German )
  • Someone who is familiar with Wbb2 Forum Styles / Hacks
  • Challenges with imagination and a Graphical hand for creation of banners and avatars, and more graphic.

So if you've mastered one of the things then write us a short e-mail or check the team list to contact us.
We look forward to your contacting us and look forward to perhaps you already have on our team.

Your Team
b.o. PapaHarni alias Pappi
Geschrieben von : Pappi Am 08/24/2012 um 09:00 PM Uhr
Hello and welcome to the reconstruction of

This time comes our server without great specials.
So this time also the GM Shop will dispensed. Instead there will be an S-Shop where you can buy S and S80-Grade Items for Coins.

Also the reset / rebirth system is turned off, but you can learn 10 active and 5 passive Skills from other classes. These cost you Glittering Medals.
With Champion Medals you can buy the right skill books to learn your skills.

Where to get what?
Champion Medals gets you like the name suggests, with a little luck from the Champions ( Rare Monster )
You get Glittering Medals when you killing Raidboss and/or winning the TvT Event.
You can earn coins through votes and through decent active to participate in the forum.

As you can supplement with Roy and Winnie the Cat who join your small event and buy some additional items such as Enchant Scrolls for Event Medals. The Event Medals can you get in the Smash The Event.
In addition, each grade level gets the best at the end of each month in the Smash The event a random item in his grade level.
Every second week Master Yogi comes to visit in the 2 largest cities, with him you can win great stuff if your get high enough enchant his Staff.

We hope you like it so far before. For more information about the launch and we will be more to you later, but early enough to be known here.

Pappi b.o Team
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